Me. November 2014

Well here I sit on the beach in Edinburgh with Kitty – my puppy. Almost a full head of hair (apart from a slow growing patch at the back and a few tiny wee holes dotted around).

Oh yeah and pretty much one and a half eyebrows and full set of eyelashes!




  1. Great to see you story. My alopecia seems to be following the exact same pattern as yours. I am at the solar system phase now with large patches and thousands tiny patches too. I hope I get your happy ending. I’m happy for you and thanks for the website. It made me feel like I was not alone going through all of this


  2. how is it in your beard? I got it 2.5 years back in beard which kept expanding till now. Now I see a couple of new patches in my beard.


      1. Hey man. This has just started happening to me exactly the same as yours under my chin at first, I actually had a very full big beard then noticed these bald patches. That started in late August 2014, it’s progressing up on to my chin and I now have a patch at the back of my head. Weirdly my beard started growing white hairs back straight away at the same time it’s still progressing!? I searched alot at first online for answers and am still obessed with the mirror checks! but I have to say your blog has been brilliant and sometimes scary thinking this might also be my journey. I actually haven’t been clean shaved in 20 years ! But I know as you did I have to face up too this change and get on with it and your honesty and attitude towards your AA is inspiring. Especially as you haven’t stopped posting it’s seems on other forums people just don’t report back when their hair re grows ! Anyhow I rarely post to anything but wanted to say cheers dude your blogs a great help and resource.


      2. Hey Leahpar!

        Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Thats why i started this blog – I kept searching online for answers from blogs and as soon as their hair came back- people stopped writing. I am really glad it has helped you, even a little.

        Yes i have had white hairs and hair growing back at the same time it came out. It’s all very random and not one person I have spoken to have had a similar path through this.

        Your journey may not be as long as mine and your hair may be coming back a lot quicker. I didn’t get any white hairs until after the first year!

        Happy to answer any questions you have over private email if you like?

        Take it easy and don’t stress about stressing! 😃 Seek out happy things and try not to worry.

        Take it easy.



  3. I’m so happy for you! I’ve been following your blog for the past year and I want to thank you for sharing your story and for showing courage throughout your journey. I’m in my second year of dealing with it though it’s mostly only on my face (a few small patches do come and go on the back of my head – the spots on my head definitely seem to come and go faster). What started out as peach fuzz on my chin has slowly started growing back with the consistency of real hairs – some are even showing pigmentation. The first spot I’d ever noticed (December 2013) was on the right side of my upper lip – this area too has started growing back, though I’m now losing hair in the center of my upper lip. The hairs have been slowly disappearing over the past month though not as fast as the original spots. I’m hopeful it won’t be a complete loss but it’s still another let down especially since I thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Been through several sessions of injections in early 2014 but stopped due to the pain and loss of insurance. There are days when I’m ok with it, but there are also days when I can’t stop thinking about it. I hadn’t checked in on your blog for the past couple of months, but you’ve made tremendous progress. You’ve shown that we’re not alone and you’re a source of inspiration to us all, for that I’m truly thankful.



    1. Matt – that is one of the nicest replies I have ever had to anything I have written. Thanks so much – you have really made me happy to be writing this. How are you feeling at the moment? Feel free to email me for a proper discussion @reececargan on twitter or you can send me a private mail. Hope you are OK and thanks again for your feedback.


  4. Hey Reece,

    Any update on your beard? I am 2 years and 3 months in. A fair amount of white hairs, some thick. Small patches of black hair. Just wondering how your doing and how long it took your beard to start filling back in?


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