Alopecia hair July 2013


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  1. Hi there. I was just wondering if you had experienced any AA on your chest or arm hair/anywhere else on the body? I started out on my beard and head, similar to you. However, I have a couple spots on my chest and a couple on my arms. This condition really sucks and I hope it just goes away soon, but I haven’t got high hopes of that 😦

    Any information would be great 🙂


    1. HI Arran

      I had zero loss anywhere else on my body – despite a few sparse patches on my legs. However I have recently developed a large patch at the top of my chest and a couple of small dots (which are joining up) on my lower torso. But that is it so far. Will post pics soon and include details in my next update.

      I have been doing Yoga and practising mindfulness and it seems to be working as the new loss is not really bothering me at all! 🙂


    2. Hi, I’m am pretty much following the same route as Reece. My beard has come back but is grey in colour, my head is still massively patchy, but, onto your question, I have about three 10p sized patches on my chest, which have come back grey, I also have a couple of patches on my back.


  2. Hi, I am a 37 yr old male and have had Alopecia Areata since 2014. It started out on the beard area then progressed to eyelashes then to scalp. It then affected my body and eyebrow. I have had some steroid treatments but no regrowth has happened yet. I think your blog is brilliant and very helpful in coming to terms with the problem. Recently shaved my head to feel more comfortable but not yet gone bald yet.


  3. Hi. I am 30yrs old and i have been dealing with this all through my 20s. i have had patches all over my face which some grew back but as one grew back a new spot formed. i was okay with it as i would try my best to groom around it or just shave it all off. NOW, it seems as though its not growing back but new patches keep forming. some larger than penny size and the worst part so far is my eyebrow is slowly dimenishing and has me extremely self conscience. i do also Stress alot as i live on my own in a foreign country since my late teens. i try not to stress too much but seems to be in my nature. i was wondering if you had any great advice for me as i am slowly freaking out more and more as it continues to get worse and worse.

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    1. Aww Johnny. I am sorry to read this. Have you tried anything I have recommended? I find that yoga, relaxation and talking to someone help me calm down and stress much less. Which in turn makes me feel much better about the alopecia. What is happening for you just now? Send me a private message if you want to chat further. I would like to know you are doing OK.


  4. Hi Reece,

    been following your blog since earlier this year, congrats on the progress, one of the best blogs out there about AA.

    My question is how long did it take for you to have your patches fill in to full thickness? My AA is relatively new only about a year on the scalp and most of the original patches has been filling back in but the hair is thinner as it used to be. The patches on the face are filling in too, it’s started there first, although I notice sometimes it’s really fast, then it slows down, as we all know it is totally unpredictable and frustrating. I see some people here are dealing with it for years, so maybe it’ll just takes time with hair growing, different stages, etc., but since you seemed to have a full regrow… interested how it went for you?


  5. Hey – I’m just wondering if you felt the close shave helped you feel more comfortable. I’m on a similar course to yours. I just can’t decide to shave or not. I need more perspective. Your blog is the most helpful thing I’ve seen yet. But to chop or not is still eating away at me.


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