One year on – one year to go??

I have convinced myself after frantic searching and googling, worrying and reassuring – that my Alopecia is going to last 2 years. I have read this and heard (someone who knew someone who knew someone) and their’s “only lasted 2 years” –  give or take…. Even Miles Boyer the photographer only had full blown Alopecia for roughy two years.

I know Alopecia can be a cruel mistress and am unsure why I am transfixed with 2 years (I had convinced myself it would clear up after 3 months when i started visiting a trichologist over a year and a half ago). But I have realised that it doesn’t matter if it doesnt come back in two years – as for now, right now – that is what is helping healing me. Stopping me going crazy, breaking down or getting frantic. I have told myself it will last circa 2 years. And it better f*cking had!

Again I am joking – to myself. F*ck knows if it will have healed by then – but if there is anything I have learnt from this ongoing experience – its that you have to stay positive as negativity only makes you feel worse and isn’t it always better to look on the bright side?


  1. July 2013 will be two years since my AA started and I’ve had a fair bit of regrowth over the past few months. I’m not too fussed if it fully grows back or not, I’d be more than happy just to have my eyebrows back. Just now there’s about ten visible hairs between the two of them.
    Oh, and hello from a fellow Scot 🙂


    1. Hey Bob –

      How are you!? Whereabouts are you? I am living in Scotland but am actually English (the Auld enemy)!

      Fab news that yours is growing back – have your eyebrows started coming back in yet? I am actually at the point now on my scalp that I would rather it all just fell out as I would prefer full on bald to what I have now. Did you have hair without pigment for ages? Or did it just all grow back mega quick?



      1. Hi Reece,
        I’m good thanks, how are you?

        I’m in Glasgow, a fair few of my friends are from down south so no grudges held!

        My eyebrows vanished over a year ago, I had steroid injections into them which did partially bring them back, but only for a few weeks. I was told by the dermatologist that the injections can cause the skin to lose elasticity over time so I stopped after 3 sessions. It didn’t seem worth it for the limited results.
        There are a few hairs growing back, but I’m sure they’ll disappear just as quickly.

        I know exactly what you mean about wanting it to either grow back or all fall out. The half and half look isn’t easy to get accustomed to!

        My facial hair (minus eyebrows/eyelashes) has completely grown back over the past few months but it’s still the white bum-fluff hair. There is the odd random hair which has the dark pigment, but they’re few and far between

        I used to use a razor and shave my head completely, but now I just use clippers to take it as short as possible and chuck a hat on. Saves a lot of money on razors!

        The annoyance is the randomness of hair disappearing and regrowing all over the place, some grow back quick, some take months. Some return with pigment, most without.

        I’ve found that ignorance is the best medicine 😀


  2. Hey guys. Any updates? I’ve had alopecia for about 7 months now and my progression is almost exactly like yours (started in beard, spread to head).




      1. Great to hear you’ve made some progress in recent months – I can’t wait to read your update! I’ve tried the shots which didn’t work for me and now the doc has me on squaric acid. I’ve been on it for about a month, but still too soon to see possible results.



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