1. I have been taking the shots for several months now. I was starting to see some regrowth. Mostly white hairs with patches of black hair. Unfortunately, a big spot has come back. Anyone else experienced this in areas that had started coming back?

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  2. Hi there. I’m really glad to see how your hair has progressed. It’s quite amazing in all honesty! I too have AA (started around 8 months ago) and have just got my 4th head bald spot. I go to Florida in 4 days and I can’t decide whether or not to shave the back and sides of my head. In the pictures you posted where you decided to shave your head, was that shaving with a razor or just with clippers? As I’m hoping that if I shave with clippers and then razor shave afterwards, you won’t be able to tell… But I’m not too sure :(. Any feedback would be great! Hope your AA continues to get better man 🙂

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    1. Hi Arran

      I used clippers and then a wet shave. It was much easier when it was all off.

      It will be harder to tell you have shaved if you have lighter hair.

      Post some pictures of how it goes! Good luck and remember your sun cream!

      Have a fab time in Florida!!


  3. Muy buenas, lamento dirigirme a ustedes en castellano, pero es que no me manejo muy bien con el inglés. Quería saber si me darían permiso para emplear una foto de su blog retocada (“https://myalopeciajourney.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/dsc0513.jpg”) con vistas a realizar un fotomontaje para venderlo. Si no les molesta contéstenme en mi mail, disculpen por las molestias.
    Muchas gracias, gracias po su tiempo.

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    1. ” hola …., gracias por tu consulta. Te agradeceria si me das mas detalles del fotomontaje para el que quieres la foto y si nombrarias y pondrias un link a mi blog si usas una foto?”


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